Rely Nose to arrange Body!

Written By Unknown on Friday, March 11, 2011 | 2:51 AM

A recent study tells us to not only rely on the dose if you want to lose weight. We found our nose also plays an important role to move the hands to enter the food into the mouth.

Who is not familiar with the aroma of cooking that saliva can invite us to immediately eat food? And, it turns out the desire to eat food that happens because the smell of food menelusup into the area of ​​the brain and activate our hunger.

New facts are, not just the hunger that is activated by the aroma, but also a sense of satiety. That is, for us who is struggling to lose weight, need to know what smells that make us full longer.

Actually aroma cycle and the desire to eat there when we chew food. The aroma released by the food going into the nose through a hole in the mouth. From here the sensation of hunger is stimulated by the aroma that comes into the nose, said Rianne Ruijschop from NIZO Food Research in the Netherlands conduct joint research team. Based on his research, there are certain smells that can make us feel full.

Solid food should be chewed turns out that filling flavor than liquid food. When smells are just fat, carbohydrate, or protein tested, it turns out the smell of carbohydrates and protein is more significant to give the sensation of satiety. Ruijschop assume because both are included in foods that are high energy. While the aroma is complex, which consists of several components, the brain reacts to enjoy more food.

Based on these facts, Ruijschop conduct in-depth observations by creating an flavor solids which are significantly help fill key activation in the brain. In addition to the aromatic solids, complex aroma also gives the same effect as perceived by the brain as a food source of energy.

That's why Ruijschop and his team believe that this research can contribute to the treatment of obesity worldwide. Estimates had, if the treatment is done at least 10 percent expected to decrease obesity rates.

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Rely Nose to arrange Body!

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Rely Nose to arrange Body!

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