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Tips for Choosing and Storing Spices

Written By Unknown on Friday, March 11, 2011 | 2:52 AM

Karena tak mau repot saat tiba-tiba membutuhkan bumbu, Anda pun membeli dalam jumlah banyak. Ternyata, bumbu-bumbu tersebut tak pernah Anda pakai lantaran Anda memang jarang memasak. Nah, mengingat pengalaman seperti ini, sebaiknya Anda mulai "berstrategi" dalam memilih bumbu.

• Pilih jahe, kunyit, bawang, atau kencur yang segar, utuh, dan tak ada bercak putihnya. Bercak ini berupa jamur yang bisa membuat bumbu berbau dan membusuk bila disimpan lama.

• Bumbu basah bisa bertahan 1-2 bulan. Sebelum menyimpannya, cuci bumbu hingga bersih lebih dulu, kemas dalam plastik/ wadah kedap udara, lalu masukkan ke dalam freezer.

• Bumbu kering mudah kehilangan aroma jika disimpan terlalu lama. Beli seperlunya saja dan simpan dalam wadah tertutup rapat, agar aroma khasnya tak hilang.

• Bila membeli bumbu kering bubuk, beli saja dalam kemasan terkecil agar tak cepat rusak, sebab bumbu ini tak setiap hari digunakan.

• Untuk bumbu instan, pilih merek yang sudah terdaftar Dirjen POM. Perhatikan tanggal kadaluarsanya dan beli yang kemasan terkecil saja.

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Rely Nose to arrange Body!

A recent study tells us to not only rely on the dose if you want to lose weight. We found our nose also plays an important role to move the hands to enter the food into the mouth.

Who is not familiar with the aroma of cooking that saliva can invite us to immediately eat food? And, it turns out the desire to eat food that happens because the smell of food menelusup into the area of ​​the brain and activate our hunger.

New facts are, not just the hunger that is activated by the aroma, but also a sense of satiety. That is, for us who is struggling to lose weight, need to know what smells that make us full longer.

Actually aroma cycle and the desire to eat there when we chew food. The aroma released by the food going into the nose through a hole in the mouth. From here the sensation of hunger is stimulated by the aroma that comes into the nose, said Rianne Ruijschop from NIZO Food Research in the Netherlands conduct joint research team. Based on his research, there are certain smells that can make us feel full.

Solid food should be chewed turns out that filling flavor than liquid food. When smells are just fat, carbohydrate, or protein tested, it turns out the smell of carbohydrates and protein is more significant to give the sensation of satiety. Ruijschop assume because both are included in foods that are high energy. While the aroma is complex, which consists of several components, the brain reacts to enjoy more food.

Based on these facts, Ruijschop conduct in-depth observations by creating an flavor solids which are significantly help fill key activation in the brain. In addition to the aromatic solids, complex aroma also gives the same effect as perceived by the brain as a food source of energy.

That's why Ruijschop and his team believe that this research can contribute to the treatment of obesity worldwide. Estimates had, if the treatment is done at least 10 percent expected to decrease obesity rates.
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Spicy Food Can Burn Fat

Many people felt heartburn after eating spicy food, and generally consider this to be commonplace. They do not even pretend to be anything about this condition.

In fact, the researchers say that the burning sensation caused by spicy foods were able to oxidize the layer of fat and increase metabolism. Thus, eating chilies can lose weight by speeding up metabolism and burn fat.

You are not so resistant spicy can also take advantage of pepper, with no need to feel the rest of the sting on the tongue after meals. Capsaicin, the bioactive compounds contained in the chili, it was also found in several variations that are not spicy food.

Researchers from the University of California have studied the effect of chili on this diet, having impressed with vegetables in a spicy way to make people who eat them sweat. They then netted 34 men and women, and provide low-calorie foods that are equipped with a type of pepper is not spicy, or placebo pills (commonly used in clinical trials to measure the actual effects of medicines or supplements).

From these experiments, the researchers found that the level of energy expended by those who consumed the highest amount of capsaicin, nearly double of those given placebo pills.
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Wasabi, Not Just for Sushi Seasonings

In the past, this plant is reliable for antimikrobanya capabilities, and native to Japan to protect them from food poisoning. Wasabi also proved successful as an intermediary for natural antibacterial concentration of potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and phytochemicals that high. It is able to strengthen the antioxidants in the body in maintaining and treating the skin from free radicals.

Wasabi is not only beneficial when ingested. This spice also proved advantageous when applied to the skin. Due to the nature of wasabi, the skin care industry have even put this material into a number of skin care products. Among them as the base material facials and body treatments in spas.

Some skin care products made from wasabi include Lather's Wasabi Hand Washes, Lemongrass Wasabi Hand Wash, or Naturopathica Green Tea Wasabi Mask for the detoxification process in the face. Unfortunately, not yet known if any of the products that can be obtained here.

You want to try to apply the wasabi as your skin care?

Massagers wasabi oil
Mix ¼ cup vegetable oil, and ¼ cup sesame oil into small saucepan. Heat over low heat for 2-3 minutes, or until warm, but do not boil or smoke. Remove the pan, then stir ½ teaspoon wasabi paste. Use a wooden spoon to stir, because the plastic spoon to dissolve the chemicals.

Cover the pan, and let the mixture cool down for at least 1 hour. Then add 5 drops vitamin E oil (if any, you can pop a vitamin E capsule contains oil), and stir until evenly mixed. Use to massage.
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Cooking Spice that Makes You Slim

Try to prove that the following five spices not only make a delicious dish, but also helps you become more slender.

1. Cinnamon
In a study published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2003, showed that eating a teaspoon of cinnamon powder a day can encourage the body's ability to lose weight. You do this by reducing blood sugar levels and supports the processing of carbohydrates are more healthy. Cinnamon can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol up to 7-27 percent, and total cholesterol Ingga 12-26 percent.

In addition, cinnamon also been proven to prevent metabolic syndrome commonly seen in patients with pre-diabetic. But must not feed a spoonful of cinnamon, because the flavor, it is also contains the chemical compound called coumarin. This compound can cause liver damage if consumed in large quantities.

2. Cayenne pepper
The main ingredient in chili peppers, namely capsaicin, is also found in pepper or pepper. This material has long been known for its ability to burn fat and thermogenic function (which encourages the central nervous system to produce heat in the body, and cause an increase in fat burning).

By Nicholas Perricone, MD, in his book The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet, capsaicin acts as an appetite suppressant. Simply put, as everyone thinks, spicy flavor that causes people reluctant to eat too much, so support your diet program. But apparently this just happened to someone who does not like spicy, huh? Because if you're a fan of chili, spicy taste that just adds appetite.

In a study published in the Journal of Obesity and is said also that this flavor increases fat oxidation, thus increasing energy expenditure, and stimulate the activity of the sympathetic nervous system which helps the body to get rid of excess fat.

3. Black pepper
Black pepper has a variety of health benefits, among them to improve digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients in tissues throughout the body. Its main components, piperine (which gives spicy taste of pepper), promote fat metabolism for up to 8 percent a few hours after you digest it.

4. Mustard seed
Black mustard seed is the raw material mustard. As with other spices in this list, a spicy mustard helps promote metabolism and enables you to burn fat faster, thanks to thermogeniknya function. Researchers at the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England, recently found that eating a teaspoon of spicy mustard can boost your metabolism up to 20-25 percent a few hours after eating. The result, if you eat 700 calories, occurred as many as 45 additional burning calories.

5. Ginger
Besides being used as a spice in cooking, ginger is often enjoyed as wedang ginger, known as lozenges. You did not know, ginger was also an effective diuretic. Ginger increase the mobility of the stomach, pushing food and leftover food through the digestive system, and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. Mayo Clinic said the need for further studies on this subject, but previous evidence suggests that these ingredients help increase metabolism.
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